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NDND, because if you're not dead, you're not done

While healing from a serious head injury, Sociologist and best-selling author, Bertice Berry,PhD. says, that something told her to make a dress. No big deal, except Berry had never made one and she didn't even know how to sew. Still, she decided that she should follow her gut. 

Berry sat down, designed and then hand stitched a dress. She wore her new garment the very next day and was rewarded with more compliments than she'd had from anything in her collection of designer clothes. 

Realizing that there was something wonderful at work, Berry learned to sew; this time on a machine.

 Since then, she has created a collection of garments that look and feel amazing. 

"Her clothes make me feel great, even when I don't believe I am," one customer said. 

When asked, why the name NDND, Berry says that it comes from a character in one of her novels. The character says:

 "If you're not dead, you're not done; you have a lot more do, see and be." 



Custom Prints

Using your own images, historical figures and even your imagination we create custom fabric for your own unique designs.


Uniquely You

No two people are alike. No two people fit the same garment. In fact, most people are at least 3 different sizes, so we design and create each garment to promote the best you.  You will not find a more comfortable or affordable custom garment. Upload your picture and let us design for you.